Hello, on this page you can find some software I've written.

Ultravnc Repeater Linux port
uvncrepeater screenshot

This is a port of original Windows version. There is no GUI whatsoever, it works in Linux terminal. Adjustments via an ini file.

Requirements and rough instructions for Ubuntu/Debian:

  • make/gcc/g++: sudo apt-get install make gcc g++
  • Read other instructions in files readme.txt and ultravncrepeaterlinuxport.html

  • Youtube flash video downloader / mp3 audio extractor for Linux written in C# using Mono
    flv2mp3 screenshot
    Copy youtube link from browser, paste it here, give name to resulting mp3 file and it:

  • Downloads the flash video file (using Youtube-dl.py)
  • Extracts mp3 file for you (using ffmpeg)

  • Requirements and rough instructions for Ubuntu/Debian:
  • Python: sudo apt-get install python
  • Copy Youtube-dl.py script to your home directory, make it executable: Youtube-dl homepage
  • Mono: sudo apt-get install mono
  • Ffmpeg: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
  • Monodevelop/Monodoc (only needed if you want to use source, Luke ;-): sudo apt-get install monodevelop monodoc monodoc-http

  • Download binary package, unpack it and modify:
  • Edit flv2mp3mono script so it starts program flv2mp3mono.exe in right directory (I did not get it to start correctly without giving it full path)
  • Make flv2mp3mono script executable
  • Email me